i am…

A ruthless storyteller with a compassionate heart.

The stories I choose to tell revolve around women of color who have survived deep trauma or succumbed to it, leaving behind a legacy for us to take heed from. I like to punch people in the gut and rip open their hearts. I want people to question those dark parts of themselves, their inherent bias.  I do this not for shock value, but to provide an opportunity for us collectively as humans be-ing, to redeem ourselves, to see ourselves in each other, shed some shame and hopefully, forgive.

I believe trauma can be an opportunity for transformation, and as an actress and emerging writer-director I hope to continue to collaborate with fellow creatives who give themselves in service to these stories that many are too afraid to touch.

Of course, this desire to tell these types of stories, or rather why these stories choose me, is shaped by my own personal experiences with trauma, truth-seeking, and transformation.

I fell in love with acting as a young girl because it became my therapy.  My safe space to explore my own deep places of shame and pain through the lives of others.  I wanted to understand human behavior so that I could forgive those I loved by understanding them.  I had found my joy that made my life in the present alive and on purpose, and gave my past justification, compassion and meaning.

And now, acting has also cracked open my love for creating behind the scenes as a director, writer, and producer. When you have a talented team, who all want to serve the bigger mission of the story, and who truly love their craft, it becomes the most rewarding, joyful and challenging ride to birth it. I fucking love it and am excited to stand in my power in this next piece of my artist journey.

Because when a woman truly claims her power, in radical acceptance of herself, providence aligns.

Join me.




Diahnna Nicole Baxter (director/actress/producer) is a ruthless storyteller who addresses trauma as an opportunity for transformation through storytelling.

A pioneer of the web, she co-created, co-wrote and starred in SATACRACY 88, the first web series to win an Emmy Award, and was nominated again the following year. She also took home the People’s Voice Webby Award.

A graduate of Duke University, her studies of Literature and African/Women studies took her to Cairo, Egypt where she worked with famed activist and writer Nawal Al-Saadawi. Returning to the states with a new worldview, Diahnna integrated her love for storytelling and passion for studies of marginalized women’s voices with performance.

Diahnna has been on a multitude of television sets as an actress (Tell Me Your Secrets, Scandal, True Blood, Jane the Virgin, American Crime Story, The Fosters) to name a few.

She wrote, produced, and starred in her first short film, Cowboy’s Girl, which screened at Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, Toronto International Black Film Festival, PAFF, and many other festivals around the country.

Currently, her solo directorial debut, Epigenetics, is hitting the festival circuit. She is also developing a limited series, Finding Lady, about Billie Holiday.

Beyond creating stories, Diahnna embodies the transformation of body, mind, and spirit as a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.