A ruthless storyteller
with a compassionate heart.

I fell in love with acting as a young girl because it became my therapy — my safe space to explore my own deep places of shame and pain through the lives of others.  I wanted to understand human behavior so I could forgive those I loved by understanding them.  I had found my joy that made my life in the present alive and on purpose, and gave my past justification, compassion and meaning. Now my love for acting has cracked open the door to explore more, including writing, directing, producing, and Kundalini Yoga.



As an Emmy award winning actress and emerging writer-director-producer, my work centers around women of color & addressing trauma as an opportunity for transformation.



When I became a student of Kundalini, it literally saved my life. Now, as a certified Kundalini instructor, I am thrilled to teach others who want to rediscover the power they have to heal themselves…mind - body - spirit.


Short Film, 2019

A Daughter, prone to depression, learns a family secret and struggles to survive its trauma. When she turns to her Mother for consolation she realizes how this poisonous pattern has been carried down through generations.