Diahnna has been on a multitude of television sets as an actress (Tell Me Your Secrets, Scandal, True Blood, Jane the Virgin, American Crime Story, The Fosters) to name a few.


Writer & Director
Short Film (2019)

A Daughter, prone to depression, learns a family secret and struggles to survive its trauma. When she turns to her Mother for consolation she realizes how this poisonous pattern has been carried down through generations.

New York Independent Film Festival, Queensworld Film Festival, Montreal Black Film Festival


Writer, Producer, Star.

Based on a true story...

In the 1970's, a young journalist attempts to write the first true biography of Lady (Billie Holiday). But while navigating the labyrinth of conflicting stories, she ends up disturbing the same hornets' nest that consumed the singer thirty years earlier

i forgive you

Producer, Creator

Women's voices who have had absent fathers who have chosen to forgive so they can be free.

Cowboy's Girl

Writer, Producer, Co-Director, Star.

A woman embarks on a surreal journey to the fringes of Las Vegas to visit her estranged father known simply as 'Cowboy'. Seeking answers to a mystery that has haunted her life, she knows she's heading into the home of a man full of both love and brutality.

Festivals:  Palm Springs International Shorts Festival, Pan African Film Festival, Toronto Black Film Festival, Montreal International Black Film Festival, Baltimore International Black Film Festival, Katra Film Series NYC.